Saturday, December 4, 2010

Installing a Peephole for Your Children

Think back to last time, when the doorbell rang and the children ran to the door and open it. This can be dangerous if it is a stranger, but the child is too short to go through the peephole. Most of the peephole heights are adults, but the child's curiosity and energy to knock on the door.

Peephole set at about 36 cm from the floor could be used without a peep hole to grab a stool or chair.

1. You need to find the thickness of the door. Just work with this yardstick or a ruler. Most peepholes allow different depths so that the precision is not necessary, but should be close.

2. You need to decide what material is made for your door. Most exterior doors are solid metal. Make sure you have the correct type of pointing at your door.

3. Using a tape measure, measure 36 inches from the floor and then half way to the edge of the door. Mark with a pen as the pen does not write very well and the metal can bleed is solid wood.

4. Choose your local hardware store peephole at the right depth. If you do not have the correct drill bit, make sure you get a peep-hole the right size.

5. Want to make a small hole through the door of your brand. This is called a pilot hole is easier to drill more to be precise. Try to make as flat as possible.

6. Once the hole is drilled, the drill used more by the size of the peepholes. Drill through the door that the level you can. Brush debris from the outside and inside the door.
7. Since the peephole. Most sight glasses are available in two parts that twist away. RSS of the lens from the outside, then turn the part of the scope of his eyes from the inside.

And that's all. You now have a safe for your child to see who is at the door without opening the door to satisfy his curiosity.