Saturday, December 4, 2010

Brinno Peephole Viewer - An Honest Review

Although Brinn peephole viewer may not be as outrageous as you think it raises the old sight before entering the 21 st century.

Read the rest of our experiences with this ingenious product.

First Impressions:

The peephole viewer comes complete with everything needed to quickly and easily convert your little peep hole in a persuasion situation easier to see the LCD image. Outside peephole viewer, the small package containing two AA batteries (good for 1700 / pals /), a new lens peephole outside (with matching gun), a base flange and a clamping tool bit. With the cardboard support information, warranty card and manual lathes peephole viewer support equipment.
Peephole viewer itself is very well finished and neat in its design. His face is a smooth, uniform, whose center is 2.5-inch TFT LCD screen above the screen is Brinno logo, while under power (or, more accurately - kik) .. The button to the right of this button is invisible until they are needed, the low battery indicator.

The sides are finished in silver plastic casing around which contrasts with a small black border, where the viewer PeepHole opened the door. In general, the unit design and build quality are first class.


After about five minutes we had a quick look at the instructions for installation, we had a peephole installed and ready to go. The teaching methods are easy to follow diagrams and everything by removing the old hole in the barrel of PEEP peephole viewer was simply stress.

Despite the simplicity of installation is due in part to diagrams with adjustable tool is valuable not only to tighten the gun again at the sight of the flange of the base (and door), but is also useful for removal of our old sight.

After the peepholes base flange and the barrel was set at the door, the sight of observers clicking on the tab with a slight right. Once connected to the door, a small screw and safe custody to avoid any accidentally hit right to left to move the device once installed.

And that's really - five minutes flat we were ready to, uh .. peeping.


Peephole peeping use is even easier: a quick tap of a button under the display shows a clear picture of what is on the other side of the door.

Once you press the pious, the image remains active for about ten seconds before shutting off automatically. Pressing the button again peeps not only gives you another ten seconds of voyeurism, but also bring the center of the image - particularly useful for elderly or visually impaired.

While the image is perfectly acceptable to identify the people behind the door, especially when the zoom - it should be noted that the image is clear and bright in a functional, rather than videophile type of way. For example, the image has always been bent toward the outer edge due to the wide-angle peephole in exterior view, but in no case affect the overall usefulness of the images the viewer to identify the product PeepHole visitors.

The LCD viewing angle was a bit of luck. Sub and sides, the image has been effective, but a little disappointing, as the viewing angle has been raised (despised) the picture becomes rather quickly.
Despite the limitations of viewing angle, the overall image and functionality of the peephole viewer was acceptable, but a fundamental fact: Night.

We found that night peephole viewer was unable to show a usable image. Even with a porch light for light, peephole viewer was able to do anything but dark. While the unit well during the day, night operation was likely to require a very bright source viewer peephole be an effective alternative to using a conventional peephole.

Although the peephole is obvious applications for the elderly and the blind, its elegant and its ease of use is likely to appeal to all those gadget-minded. The only real concern is a peep-hole is its inability to operate efficiently evening at dusk, some of which should be a deal breaker.