Saturday, December 4, 2010

Digital Peephole Viewer

I'm sure most of you have received a knock on the door of a surprise guest, and looked through the peephole to see who it is. What you see is usually someone with a business head as well. Now, I allow this person?

At least with digital display of sight, you really get to see what the person looks. This unit is designed to fit on a regular sight chamber without external wiring or fantasy. Most likely, it only takes five minutes to install. Of course, this is one of those 'five minutes" projects that have an hour after the assembly and disassembly.

However, it is worth it just to get a clearer picture of who is at the door. Just between you and me, I probably would not let the guy in the picture in. It looks like a seller or supplier of a religion I do not want.

Regarding the operation is as simple as pressing a button and push it again to zoom in shots. It requires AA batteries to operate which will be good for about 1,700 impressions. You can get the viewer peephole digital for about $ 138